• Reicofil Technician

    Full Time Opportunity


    The Reicofil (Extrusion) Operator coordinates line operations as well as monitors and troubleshoots total spinning process to insure a quality product is being produced according to customer specifications under the supervision and direction of the Work Flow Leader or manager.


    Essential Functions:

    • Must Follow all safety rules
    • Perform line start-up and shut down
    • Coordinate and assist in line thread-up
    • Coordinate and assist in line set-up and changeovers
    • Use quality data results to make adjustments to process conditions
    • Operates manufacturing equipment within the specified limits of the appropriate center line
    • Monitor, verify and change process conditions such as; air pressures, temperatures, profiles, quench conditions, spinbeam pressures, RPM’s, draw air, line tensions, vacuum box conditions, webformer speeds et cetera
    • Monitor product quality to meet customer specifications
    • Operation and monitoring of Kiss Roll and Surfactant
    • Operation and monitoring of Resin Room
    • Winder operations including doffing unit rolls and associated documentation
    • Assist with installation of web former conveyor belt
    • Performs troubleshooting of Reicofil production line
    • Performs shift clean-up
    • Participates in Down Day activities
    • Complete daily inspection of overhead hoist, operate safely
    • Communicate with off-going and on-coming Reicofil Technicians to ensure proper handoff
    • Initiate Temporary Change Notices (TCN) as needed
    • Operate winder/slitter hoist and inspect
    • Set up and operation of Cognex System
    • Fill in for team leader when necessary
    • Maintain manufacturing line to 5S/OLA standards.
    • Assist other team members as needed

    Technical Competencies Required:

    • Ability to understand and interpret process settings center lines
    • Ability to use a calculator
    • Working knowledge of FIRM
    • Basic computer skills
    • Ability to read and interpret Fitesa product codes and production schedules
    • Advanced troubleshooting skills and good mechanical abilities
    • Good communication and written skills

    Other Requirements:

    • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
    • 3-5 years in a manufacturing environment
    • 1-3 years experience with extrusion (Reicofil preferred)
    • Non-woven experience preferred