• EHS (Safety) Coordinator

    Full Time - Simpsonville, South Carolina

    This Position:

    The Safety Coordinator will assist the Safety Specialist in their development and implementation of EHS and Sustainability processes, as well as in maintaining established Fitesa Management Systems (FMS) that promote continuous improvement consistent with the site goals and objectives


    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Coordinate site EHS activities.
    • Ensure that the respective persons report and investigate incidents such as Equipment Damage, Near Misses and Injury in a timely manner and act as a resource to the technology to insure follow-up and actions are thorough and complete.
    • Maintain record-keeping systems for the Simpsonville site including monthly incident statistics, injury trend data, corrective actions and audit follow-up.
    • Assist with addressing day to day EHS issues.
    • Assist site in the development and achievement of ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001
    • Support Safe Start Behavioral Based safety program.
    • Promote safety awareness, procedures, and rules and regulations.
    • Conduct EHS/Safety audits and hazard reviews of new or modified equipment.
    • Create and maintain company HS&E documentation, such as Fitesa Management System, procedures and Sustainability data.
    • Assist in data collection for Sustainability reporting.
    • Manage centralized databases of corrective actions, EHS metrics, other EHS related databases and Sustainability data
    • Active member of Site Safety Committee.
    • Special issues/projects.
    • Participate in detailed incident investigations and Root Cause Analysis
    • Promote incident prevention for the benefit of employees and visitors.
    • Assist in the development and presentation of relevant EHS training
    • Tour manufacturing floor daily to establish EHS presence and provide support.
    • Conduct daily and monthly EHS meetings/trainings and schedule as needed.
    • Perform/monitor Storm Water Discharge sampling and document events.
    • Assist in administering and maintaining compliance programs such as LOTO, Hazard Communication, EAP, Hearing Conservation, Hot Work, Respiratory Protection, BBP, etc.
    • Perform other related duties as assigned.


    • Environmental B.S. Degree preferred.
    • Knowledge of regulatory agencies standards and regulations (OSHA, EPA, DHEC).
    • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) computer software programs.
    • Ability to conceptualize, analyze, plan and organize.
    • Demonstrated commitment to safety.
    • Good oral, written, and presentation skills.
    • Capable and open to “systems thinking”.
    • Behave consistently with established organizational and team principles.
    • Ability to manage multiple projects.
    • Self-starter who can work independently
    • Must excel at working in a team environment.


    • Reports to Plant Manager
    • Training Resource, Technical and OJT Trainers
    • Production and Employee Relations Resources
    • All respective technology personnel
    • US Site HS&E Personnel
    • Vendors, Contractors and outside organizations